cover image 248 Mgs., a Panic Picnic

248 Mgs., a Panic Picnic

Robert Creeley, Susan Landers. O Books, $12 (88pp) ISBN 978-1-882022-50-2

To imagine a very, very angry Gertrude Stein hopped up on amphetamine (and Prozac) writing with the laser-like, short-lined, terceted clarity of Robert Creeley and a child's fury at truly horrific parenting that haunts one into adulthood is to approximate 248 mgs., a panic picnic, the debut of Susan Landers. For anyone willing to accept a grotesque, allegorical set of stand-ins, including ""mother little,"" ""Aunt gargantua"" and ""King,"" this little pill will be an instant classic of abuse literature, of surviving to ""Break. Avert.""