cover image December 24th

December 24th

Denys Cazet / Author Bradbury Press $13.95 (32p) ISBN 978-0-02

Emily and Louie arrive at Grandpa and Grandma Rabbit's house with a special present. They hand it to Grandpa, who says, ""Thank you! A Happy New Year's Day to you!'' But it isn't New Year's that Emily and Louis want to celebrate. Grandpa keeps guessing what holiday it might be by acting out characters and stories: a top hat and speech for Lincoln's birthday; a cupid for Valentine's Day; the Easter Bunny; Rabbicula (with #2 pencil fangs) for Halloween; and finally Santa Claus. But he's wrong, wrong, wrong and he's guessed almost every holiday on the books without success. ``Happy Birthday, Grandpa,'' Emily, Louie and Grandma chorus. Grandpa spouts some hilarious one-liners in this grand charade-like guessing game. The bright pictures show the loving interaction between Grandpa and his young bunnies; this funny story has a lot of heart. (4-7)