cover image Are There Any Questions?

Are There Any Questions?

Denys Cazet / Author Orchard Books (NY) $14.95 (1p) ISBN 978-0

It would be difficult to imagine a more delightful sequel to the endearing `` Never Spit on Your Shoes '' than this larky picture book. Arnie, a sweetly anthropomorphized puppy, relates the story of his first-grade class's visit to the aquarium while sharing after-school crackers and milk with his mother. Cazet once again juxtaposes this loving mother-child dialogue with the youngsters' frenetic antics. Parents and kids will find much familiar and funny here, while veteran teachers may well suspect that the canny Cazet has secreted a videotape recorder along on their last school outing. The action-filled, softly shaded cartoony art features balloons of on-target dialogue which capture the capricious essence of first-graders while celebrating their vitality and curiosity. Nobody does this irrepressible age group better. Ages 4-7. (Aug.)