cover image Dancing


Denys Cazet / Author, Craig Bond / Photographer Orchard Books

A disappointing offering, Cazet's (``I'm Not Sleepy'') slight, sentimental story focuses on Alex, a boy disgusted by his noisy newborn sibling. ""Maybe we can send the baby back to the hospital,"" he suggests to his father. But Father shows the boy a slip of pink paper and answers, ""Paid in full... we own him."" The man turns his son's attention to music that is playing, saying ""I think this song is about you."" As Father sings Alex some wishy-washy lyrics--""Maybe the moon/ knows just how you feel,/ sharing the night/ with the stars./ They'll be dancing forever/ through all the heavens, / dancing forever and ever""--a bizarre series of illustrations show a night sky populated by an oversized star with the face of a baby and a fat full moon with an adult physiognomy. Alex then asks his father to dance with him, and the man picks him up and vows that he will catch him if he falls (""`Always?' asked Alex. `Always,' says his father. Always""). Craig Bond wrote a score for the song, which is reproduced at the book's end. Ages 3-6. (Sept.)