cover image Morton and Sidney

Morton and Sidney

Chris L. Demarest. MacMillan Publishing Company, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-02-728450-8

Where do you hide a six-foot-tall, hairy pink monster with green horns named Sidney? That's the question the boy Morton faces when the other monsters in his closet refuse to let Sidney keep living with them. Sidney and Morton cast about for a solution, but Sidney just won't fit under an armchair or in a laundry basket. Finally, the pair decide to dress up as a truly terrible monster, who makes the others (Slimey Green, Big Oaf and Little Snout) grateful to have Sidney back. Goofy fun, but with an old-fashioned message: think twice before rejecting somethingwhat takes its place may be worse. Demarest offers quirky line-and-wash illustrations that do justice to his frolicsome tale. Ages 3-7. (March)