cover image Kitman and Willy at Sea

Kitman and Willy at Sea

Chris L. Demarest. Simon & Schuster, $13.95 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-671-65696-6

Kitman and Willy, the cat and mouse from Lunatic Adventure of Kitman and Willy , are once again on the same wavelength--they act in perfect harmony, and at times even speak and think in unison. On a day too hot for yardwork, the pair agree that ``We should do something that's fun.'' So they rig a boat and set sail, finally coming ashore on an island that's in an uproar. A safari-suited man is capturing all the animals to take them, presumably, to a faraway zoo. Together with a frightened elephant, the heros come up with an elaborate--and very funny--plan to save the animals and give the nasty collector a taste of his own medicine. Demarest ( No Peas for Nellie ) invests his cartoony characters with personality and emotion to spare. With so much to see on every colorful page, one voyage won't be enough, and children will want to cast off again with this beguiling crew. Ages 4-6. (June)