cover image What We Like

What We Like

Anne F. Rockwell. MacMillan Publishing Company, $13.95 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-02-777274-6

The prolific Rockwell has written a word and phrase book with a canny premise: objects, actions and scenarios that kids know well are also what they like best. Each visual spread is divided into seven to 10 vibrantly hued panels, each containing cherubic young animals who show little ones ``What We Like to Make'' (cookies, sand castles); ``What We Like to Look At'' (picture books, clouds in the sky, wrapped presents); ``What We Like to Do Outside'' (jump in puddles, climb trees); ``What We Like to Feel'' (grass under bare feet, goodnight kisses); and ``What We Like to Hear'' (the ocean in a seashell, lullabies). The concepts depicted are familiar and appealing to children, and preschoolers will ``read'' along as enthusiastically as beginning readers. Adults can use Rockwell's approach to encourage youngsters to stretch their imaginations by envisioning additional things ``We Like.'' Children are likely to include this title among the ``Books We Like to Read.'' Ages 3-6. (Sept.)