cover image Bear Child's Book of Hours

Bear Child's Book of Hours

Anne F. Rockwell. Crowell, $7.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-694-00196-5

Bear Child is back, and this time he's taking his young readers through activities, hour by hour, beginning with waking and lasting through bedtime. Each hour, displayed clearly on a large clock, finds Bear Child helping his mom, playing alone or just performing daily routines. Even while he sleeps, the clock hands continue to turn until a full 24-hour-day is completed, and the cycle begins anew. Rockwell's large and vivid illustrations are an eyeful for any youngster, and her clocks are uncomplicatedonly hourly times are displayed. This fine introduction to time-telling will delight parents and help children who have mastered numeral recognition. Ages 4-7. (September)