cover image HALLOWEENIES


David Wisniewski, . . ARRAY(0x1fbe208), $4.99 (80pp) ISBN 978-0-06-000515-3

In five stories modeled on creature-feature movies, Wisniewski, working more in the vein of his The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups than his Caldecott-winning Golem, warms up old gags. Pen-and-inks of three movie-going boys imply the intended audience, and so do lowbrow jokes about a castle's "big buttress" and a sherpa named "Duk Pin Bo Ling." A pushy cosmetologist turns a werewolf into a "werewuss," and, in "Attack of the Space Toupees," the wives of exclusively male government officials thwart a UFO plot (the vanquished aliens respond with sinister "space girdles"). Ages 7-up. (Sept.)