cover image Elfwyn's Saga

Elfwyn's Saga

David Wisniewski. HarperCollins, $13.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-688-09589-5

In his latest story, Wisniewski ( The Warrior and the Wise Man ) dives into the history and myths of Iceland and emerges with an original saga, inspired by Viking lore, that explains the origins of the northern lights. Elfwyn, daughter of a Viking settler, is born blind due to a curse placed on her family by Gorm, a rival. Later, because she cannot see, Elfwyn is not drawn under the terrible thrall of Gorm's crystal, a spiteful gift whose visions fill Elfwyn's kinsmen with discontent. She alone is able to shatter it--sending its dust into the heavens, where it becomes the aurora borealis. Wisniewski's prose resonates with the majesty of legend, and his handsome, dramatic cut-paper illustrations add dimension to a splendid tale. Ages 6-9. (Sept.)