cover image I'M MIGHTY!


Kate McMullan, , illus. by Jim McMullan. . HarperCollins/Cotler, $15.99 (40pp) ISBN 978-0-06-009290-0

In this husband-and-wife team's saucy follow-up to I Stink! (narrated by a city garbage truck) another feisty fellow—a tugboat in a bustling harbor—immediately draws readers into his world, bellowing, "Hey! Over here! Yeah, me, the little guy." The brassy tug explains that ships entering the harbor need him, " 'Cause I'm mighty! And I can nudge, bump, butt, shove, ram, push, and pull 'em in." He cheerfully chats with the various vessels he services, calling each by name: "Yo, Moby Dee ! Your ride's here!" he yells to "a low-riding tanker with a belly full of oil." A cutaway view shows the hero steering Moby clear of shallow waters. After helping a freighter loaded with cars ("a six-decker doozie") and a "super-duper" cruise ship safely to their docks, the tug announces, "I'm all tuggered out" and turns in for some shut-eye before the morning, when three more ships are due. Though not as kid-pleasingly outrageous as its predecessor (the hero of I Stink! offers an amusing litany of the icky items he gobbles up), this tale introduces an equally likable and enthusiastic voice. Jim McMullan's fresh, funny art portrays the personified tug sporting a baseball cap, his eyes fashioned from the front windows and his beaming mouth set into the bow. With its copious sound effects and type set in various sizes and configurations, this tale makes for one jaunty journey. Kids will happily climb aboard. Ages 4-8. (Oct.)