cover image The Dallas Titans Get Ready for Bed

The Dallas Titans Get Ready for Bed

Karla Kuskin. HarperCollins Publishers, $12 (36pp) ISBN 978-0-06-023562-8

People who loved this duo's The Philharmonic Gets Dressed may not like this follow-up. The Dallas Titans have just won a big football game and are understandably wound up. They'd like to celebrate. But Coach Scorch has told them to go right home to bed. Then, the 45 players change out of grimy uniforms: pounds of padding, layers and layers of wrapped, protected limbs, and literally hundreds of socks. They go soap-up""On the field . . . the Titans look like giants or bulldozers. Standing in the showers . . . they look like small wet whales.'' Simont's illustrations fulfill this comparison aptly. The players go home, toy with and then dismiss the idea of disobeying Coach by staying up. Instead, they sleep, and dream of the next big game. Although this book rides on the coattails of its predecessor, it's far from being redundant. There are funny touches, and football is a favorite subject with young readers. But it lacks the charm or subtlety of the first book, and the pictures lack Simont's customary sprightly details. (4-8)