cover image Tempting the Wolf

Tempting the Wolf

Lois Greiman, . . Avon, $6.99 (372pp) ISBN 978-0-06-078398-3

In her latest, Greiman re-enters the Regency world introduced in Taming the Barbarian , which mixes high society and the supernatural. Nairn O'Banyon, a centuries-old lass-crazy werewolf known as the "Irish Hound," is struggling with the curse that transforms him into a bestial killer and the ladies who threaten to trigger it with their lusty advances. Meanwhile, Antoinette Desbonnet, countess of Colline, is wrestling with a curse of her own—everyone she touches comes to harm, including her late husband and estranged son. So when O'Banyon and Antoinette meet and fall instantly in love, they begin a dogged fight against the passion between them. Both strong and witty characters, the two are supported by the equally engaging stars of the first volume: the Black Celt Hiltsglen—O'Banyon's best friend—and Hiltsglen's wife, Fleurette. Greiman uses sensual details to make the simplest scenes shine—especially when she gets into the head of the beastly O'Banyon—and the sex, when the heroes finally succumb, is dangerous and delicious. Though the narrative moves fitfully, for readers who enjoy paranormal and historical romance—and who don't mind their banter rendered in revolving English, Scottish and Irish dialects (" 'As any nidget can see, ye've na more strength than a swaddled bairn,' he said")—Greiman brings the genre goods. (Aug.)