cover image Unzipped


Lois Greiman, . . Bantam Dell, $6.99 (368pp) ISBN 978-0-440-24262-8

Wholly—and sometimes heavy-handedly—full of froth, this first contemporary romance-mystery from Greiman (who's better known for historical romances like Seducing a Princess ) introduces an unusual heroine:Christina McMullen, a veteran cocktail waitress turned professional psychologist. Chapter one promises madcap mayhem. By the end of it, Chrissy has become the prime suspect in the murder of impotent celebrity football player Andrew "Bomber" Bomstad, who had come to Chrissy for counseling. An open bottle of wine on Chrissy's desk—and convincing evidence, exposed through Bomber's unzipped jeans, that the doctor had cured his problem—is enough to persuade hunky police detective Jack Rivera of Chrissy's likely guilt. Unfortunately, neither the plot nor characters develop much beyond this point. Jack remains unconvincingly convinced of Chrissy's guilt; she blunderingly tries to prove her innocence—period. And there's virtually no exploration of Chrissy's past, family or friends to suck readers in. Still, for a summer vacation read, simple sexy sport may well be just what the doctor ordered. Agent, Nancy Yost. (June)