cover image Faeries Gone Wild

Faeries Gone Wild

MaryJanice Davidson, Lois Greiman, Michele Hauf, . . St. Martin's, $7.99 (389pp) ISBN 978-0-312-94568-8

This lighthearted romance anthology is as flighty and inconsistent as its fey protagonists. The most charming tale is Logan's “A Little Bit Faery,” in which appealing young faery Tia Mayberry becomes enthralled by life in Manhattan and a sexy mortal firefighter. In Hauf's whimsical “Dust Me, Baby, One More Time,” prudish fairy Sidney Tooth is forced to ally with the arrogant sandman Dart Sand against skeptical humans. Davidson pairs a tiny magical census taker with a half-mortal giant in the choppy, crowded “Tall, Dark and Not So Faery,” while Greiman's banal “Pixie Lust” sets up naïve California pixie Avalina and real estate developer Will Timber, whose characterization is as wooden as his name. Even the most forgiving fans are unlikely to be enchanted. (June)