cover image The Infinity Gate

The Infinity Gate

Sara Douglass, Eos, $26.99 (544p) ISBN 9780060882198

Completing Douglass' DarkGlass Mountain Trilogy (after 2009's The Twisted Citadel), this sweeping saga focuses on the monumental battles that Icarii leader Axis SunSoar wages to defend the city of Elcho Falling against the Lealfast, winged minions of an evil god called The One. Meanwhile, Maxel and Ishbel, lord and lady of Elcho Falling, begin a lonely quest to demolish DarkGlass Mountain and destroy The One. Nothing in this minutely detailed narrative turns out quite as it originally seems. Intrigue, magic, and betrayals abound throughout multiple storylines staffed by a mind-numbingly large cast of characters. Like most Tolkienesque world-builders, Douglass revels in making her actors do, but neglects to allow them to convincingly be. Though often uneven, this final installment of familiar good-versus-evil warfare allows plenty of vicarious thrills along its tortuous way. (Jun.)