cover image Druid's Sword

Druid's Sword

Sara Douglass. Tor Books, $27.95 (606pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-0543-5

The meaty, suspenseful final book of Douglass' Troy Game series (after 2005's Darkwitch Rising) will both horrify and delight readers enthralled by his combative, perpetually reincarnated characters. Four centuries after his plans to complete the Troy Game collapsed when he was betrayed (again) by his ex-wife, Brutus, a supernaturally powerful Kingman who was once an exiled Trojan prince, returns to WWII-era London, reincarnated as the American Maj. Jack Skelton, summoned by the Lord of the Faerie and the need of the land. With the Nazis spreading across Europe, Britain on the brink war and London wracked by a string of brutal murders, Jack joins the rest of the immortals tied to the Troy Game in their last, desperate attempt to eradicate the Game without destroying themselves. Douglass wraps her millennia-spanning epic with a dark, pitch-perfect finale.