cover image ENCHANTER: Book Two of the Wayfarer Redemption

ENCHANTER: Book Two of the Wayfarer Redemption

Sara Douglass, . . Tor, $27.95 (512pp) ISBN 978-0-312-87582-4

This romantic high fantasy starts slowly, bouncing between a confusing array of characters established in the first book of the series, The Wayfarer Redemption (2001), but it builds to a powerful finish, albeit one that leaves major resolutions to future sequels. Axis Sunsoar has a lot resting on his winged shoulders. The most powerful enchanter his birdlike Icariian people have, he is also a key player in a dark prophecy, embroiled in a deadly battle against his two half-brothers and hopelessly falling in love with the wrong woman. He has pledged to make Faraday, the beautiful disciple of the Mother Goddess, his wife. She is currently trapped in an abusive marriage with his half-brother Borneheld, but she loves Axis and expects him to save her. However, Axis is inexplicably drawn to Azhure, who has a mysterious past, unexplained powers and is nearly irresistible to Icariian men. Adding to Axis's difficulties is a traitorous sorcerer disguised as a member of his inner circle, who is influencing the prophecy for his own ends. Axis must parley with the hated Borneheld, overcome brother Gorgrael's Dark Music and deal with his desire for Azhure. Australian author Douglass skillfully moves her characters through this fantastic world where family ties can be deadly and love does not always conquer all. (Oct. 22)

Forecast:The September release of the paperback edition of The Wayfarer Redemption will help fuel sales of this sequel.