cover image Grown-Ups Get to Do All the Driving

Grown-Ups Get to Do All the Driving

William Steig. Di Capua, $15 (42pp) ISBN 978-0-06-205080-9

A brilliantly simply idea-categorizing the social customs of the grown-up-provides a highly effective launching pad for Steig's (Zeke Pippin) sly visuals in this deliciously funny book. Adopting a child's point of view, Steig delivers a litany of baldly stated, hilariously on-the-mark observations: Grown-ups like hands to be clean, always want to be kissed, always have to know what time it is and have to measure everything (most notably, their own offspring). They exercise a lot, can't run (as evidenced by a picture of two determined, paunchy joggers), get tired easily (as when pulling four children on a sled), and love restaurants (imperiously ordering while the long-suffering child among them rolls her eyes heavenward). Handily playing pictures against text, Steig proves he has retained an inside track on childhood. All ages. (Apr.)