cover image His Promise: An Amish Christmas in Hart County

His Promise: An Amish Christmas in Hart County

Shelley Shepard Gray. Avon Inspire, $7.99 mass market (352p) ISBN 978-0-0624-6919-9

Gray (Her Fear) invites readers into the normally quiet Amish community of Hart County, Ky., in this cozy yet exciting novel. Nineteen-year-old Grace is the quietest of her large, rollicking family and finds her role in the family as the home and pet sitter perfectly tailored to her disposition. That is, until the holiday season, when she begins sitting for a temperamental, spirited dachshund named Snooze while her own family and friends are away. One snowy night, she discovers that her new next-door neighbor is none other than John Michael, the man who broke her sister Beth’s heart—and captured Grace’s own heart years ago. John Michael, now a volunteer firefighter, regrets that he had to break off his relationship with Beth—but holds the reason secret. With everyone else away, the two reconnect over Snooze’s antics (a dachshund is no match for a brawny firefighter), but when mysterious fires begin popping up near Grace’s home, John Michael dedicates himself to finding who is responsible and proving his commitment to her. Combining the warmth of old friendships, the humor of Grace’s dog-sitting antics, and a hint a mystery surrounding the fires, Gray’s inspirational Christmas mystery will appeal to any fan of Amish fiction. (Nov.)