cover image Happily Ever Amish

Happily Ever Amish

Shelley Shepard Gray. Kensington, $26 (304p) ISBN 978-1-4967-3982-7

Set in Apple Creek, Ohio, this heartwarming series launch from Gray (An Amish Surprise) follows an unlikely romance between a misfit and her secret admirer. Nineteen-year-old Addie Holmes is quiet, shy, and has a pet therapy donkey, which has earned her a reputation for being odd. She’s further stigmatized because her parents abandoned her and the Amish community when Addie was young, leaving her to be raised by her Amish grandmother. Daniel Miller, Addie’s Amish former schoolmate, finds her eccentricity endearing and has grown tired of listening to his friends make fun of her, so he resolves to write her anonymous love letters to help boost her self-confidence. As they strike up a correspondence, he spends more time with her in person and discovers she has much to offer, but he fears Addie will hate him if she finds out that he has been hiding the fact that he is her pen pal. After the truth comes out, his worst fears are realized, but he determines to win back her trust. Further complicating matters, Addie’s mother returns and wants to be part of Addie’s life, leading Addie to seek God’s counsel to discern how to move forward with her mother and Daniel. Gray skillfully portrays Addie’s struggles to belong and Daniel’s growth as he comes to recognize Addie’s many gifts. This touching romance will leave readers eager for the next entry in the series. (Nov.)