cover image Fish Whistle: Commentaries, Uncommontaries, and Vulgar Excesses

Fish Whistle: Commentaries, Uncommontaries, and Vulgar Excesses

Daniel Manus Pinkwater. Addison Wesley Publishing Company, $8.98 (232pp) ISBN 978-0-201-51789-7

Leaving his native California to settle in New York's Hudson River Valley, Pinkwater recently began broadcasting on National Public Radio, after a career writing and illustrating outstanding books for children. This is a collection of his ``commentaries, uncommentaries and vulgar excesses'' from the radio talks that enjoy a wide audience. An inspired satirist, Pinkwater speaks for all who suffer from those ``Who Only Stand and Snarl,'' instead of doing their work; for fat people who can't lose weight; for those who can't find a real Jewish deli; for everyone benighted by life's perversities. In a lighter vein, the author tells about times at home with his wife Jill, their dogs and good friends. But readers will perhaps be most charmed by memoirs of Pinkwater's Polish immigrant parents, especially his father, who is the inspiration for ``Fischvistle'' and other affecting pieces. (Sept.)