cover image No Exit from Brooklyn: A Nick Delvecchio Mystery

No Exit from Brooklyn: A Nick Delvecchio Mystery

Robert J. Randisi. St. Martin's Press, $16.95 (277pp) ISBN 978-0-312-00169-8

Randisi's private eye, Brooklynite Nick Delvecchio, here tells a rather overloaded tale of the hunt for a small statue pawned by sexy Jodi Hayworth. The pawnbroker is murdered when thugs learn he has sold the art piece; further developments take Delvecchio into menacing company. Vying for possesion of the elusive statueclearly worth more than its apparent valueare mafia types who plan to bump off Jodi and the detective. After non-stop crises, Delvecchio uncovers the murderer but has to settle for threats rather than justice to resolve an ambiguous case. The generally seedy cast of characters and relentlessly hardboiled atmosphere pall fairly quickly, especially since Delvecchio isn't entirely appealing. (There are strong hints that he is a bigot.) A side plot about his sister, hostage to terrorists on a hijacked plane in Greece, does nothing to improve an already unwieldy narrative. (June 15)