cover image Whose Dog Are You?

Whose Dog Are You?

Gerald Hammond. St. Martin's Press, $15.95 (175pp) ISBN 978-0-312-05536-3

Hammond's new detective, Scottish dog breeder and trainer John Cunningham, finds another body--and himself in trouble with the authorities--in this worthy sequel to Dog in the Dark . Bird hunting on the Scottish coast one morning, he and his wife encounter a floating corpse, subsequently identified as the body of American financier David C. Falconer, who may also have been a high-class con artist. Asked to care for the dead man's pregnant springer spaniel, Cunningham is injured when an attempt is made to kidnap the dog. After his release from the hospital, he agrees to take his canine ward to its mysterious new owner in the American West, where another murder is attempted. Returning to Scotland, Cunningham soon finds himself chief suspect in both Falconer's con game and murder. Hammond, who also writes the Keith Calder series, has created another outstanding, very human detective, who offers an insider's view of the dog breeder's world. (Apr . )