cover image Loving Memory

Loving Memory

Gerald Hammond, . . Severn, $27.95 (185pp) ISBN 978-0-7278-6534-2

A stolen memory card leads Edinburgh's Det. Insp. Honey Laird out of maternity leave and into a murder investigation in this undistinguished mystery from prolific Scottish author Hammond (Waking Partners ). The card contains sexually explicit photos of Honey's friend Kate and her lover. In hunting it down, Honey finds a dead hoodlum and, in a clever twist, a new photo on the memory card showing a murdered woman, Cheryl Abernethy. Honey soon discovers a manuscript in which Abernethy describes (in rather excessive detail) her life and eventual discovery that her boss, an MP, is embezzling from his company. As Honey homes in on Cheryl's killer and the crimes surrounding her death, mobsters threaten her family. Unfortunately, it's hard to sympathize with well-off Honey and her cute, spoiled life. Cheryl and her unlikely romance are more captivating, and the book would benefit from more of its heart-pounding action sequences. Readers who prioritize local color over a twisty plot will be most satisfied. (Oct.)