cover image Silent Intruder

Silent Intruder

Gerald Hammond, . . Severn, $27.95 (186pp) ISBN 978-0-7278-6864-0

On returning from a Swiss holiday, Michael McGinnis and Hilda Gilmour are surprised to find a police sergeant and a constable waiting for them at their East Lothian cottage in this pedestrian effort from Scottish veteran Hammond. The sergeant explains that the police received an anonymous tip about child pornography on Michael's computer the day before. The charge proves false, but Michael and Hilda soon discover signs that their house has been occupied in their absence. Appearing in a cameo, Det. Chief Insp. Honoria Potterton-Phipps, the protagonist of one of the author's series (Loving Memory , etc.), is interested in their unknown guest, as are local thugs who make their own unannounced visit. The couple find themselves drawn into a world of illegal gambling, computer fraud, violence, and deceit. An extended joke perpetrated on Hilda's snobbish, prudish older sister adds a welcome dash of humor. (May)