cover image Feedback


Mira Grant. Orbit, $25 (496p) ISBN 978-0-316-37934-2

In this tense thriller, Grant returns to the zombie-infested setting of the Newsflesh series. In Feed, the first book, the superstar Mason siblings blogged about politicians competing for the presidency in a near-future U.S. that had more or less come to terms with the ongoing zombie apocalypse. This adventure takes place concurrently and follows an all-new blogger team, this one accompanying Democratic candidate Susan Kilburn. Irish thrill-seeker Aislinn “Ash” North; her husband (for green card purposes only), Benjamin Ross; her girlfriend, Audrey; and gender-fluid makeup blogger Mat leap at the chance to hit the big time by joining the political circuit. After numerous zombie attacks, they uncover an organized conspiracy to manipulate the electoral process through fear and assassination. When Ash digs a little too deep, her team is targeted for elimination. Grant fleshes out the setting and adds depth to the events of the original series, but this is still familiar territory, even when seen from a different angle; the characters’ voices read much like those of the Masons, and the conspiracy angle comes as no surprise to longtime fans. The strength of this tale lies in the diverse cast, their deep ties to one another, and Grant’s ability to surprise the reader with emotional gut punches. Agent: Diana Fox, Fox Literary. (Oct.)