cover image Rolling in the Deep

Rolling in the Deep

Mira Grant. Subterranean (, $40 (128p) ISBN 978-1-59606-708-0

In this slim, grim tale of aquatic horror, Grant (Symbiont) unveils the tragic last voyage of the SS Atargatis, hired by the Imagine Network to help film a fake documentary on mermaids while also performing deep-sea scientific studies. With several hundred people on board, including a troupe of professional “mermaids,” the Atargatis sets forth for the Mariana Trench and is never seen again. In true horror fashion, Grant introduces a large cast of colorful personalities, giving many of them brief chances to shine, before unleashing the horrors of the deep upon them. As fake mermaids meet the real creatures living in the Trench, blood is spilled and people valiantly fight for their lives. Sadly, the climax of the novella comes too soon and too quickly, with little payoff for the relaxed buildup; the premise and execution deserve a full novel and are ill-served by Grant’s economy of plot. Still, readers may never look at mermaids the same way again. Agent: Diana Fox, Fox Literary Agency. (Apr.)