cover image Running Wild: 
The Men from Battle Ridge

Running Wild: The Men from Battle Ridge

Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones. Ballantine, $7.99 mass market (400p) ISBN 978-0-34552-078-4

Howard and Jones (Blood Born, 2010), both prolific solo romance novelists, return with a suspenseful collaboration set in a quirky small town in Wyoming. Rancher Zeke Decker is reeling from the retirement of Libby, his housekeeper, cook, and surrogate mother. He searches for a replacement, intending to not hire an attractive young woman, particularly one he fancies. Carlin Reed fills those unwanted qualities to a T and comes with even more trouble: she left her life and identity in Texas behind after her stalker murdered a woman he mistook for her. Zeke’s irresistible attraction to Carlin, however, proves more temptation than he can pass up. While their growing relationship drives the story, support is provided by characters like Zeke’s spirited cousin Kat Bailey and wise old foreman Walt. The sense of danger, both from Carlin’s stalker and the treacherous Wyoming winter, heightens a sweet, believable, and satisfying romance. (Nov.)