cover image MY LADY'S HONOR


Julia Justiss, Author . Harlequin $4.99 (299p) ISBN 978-0-373-

Seldom have a hero and heroine been so mismatched. Intrepid, clearheaded and newly orphaned, Gwennor Southford flees her home when her cousin threatens to marry her to a stodgy neighbor and imprison her simple brother in the attic. To escape with her brother to Harrowgate, Gwen travels with a gypsy caravan, knowing that her stainless reputation will suffer should anyone discover her disguise. Arrogant, stubborn and priggish Viscount St. Abrams recognizes Gwen as the gypsy girl who danced for him several weeks ago. Incensed that this jezebel is passing herself off as a pure lady—and that she's trying to snare his best friend into marriage—St. Abrams decides to "save" his friend and make her his mistress. Despite her rejection of his dishonorable offer, St. Abrams presses his attack, convinced that she's a scheming jade, a con artist and possibly a thief. It's only when a fellow nobleman explains that gypsies aren't promiscuous that St. Abrams starts to believe in her virtue and therefore in her ability to be a proper wife. While Gwen may easily forgive St. Abrams's close-mindedness, readers will not. St. Abrams is one of the more unlovable heroes ever to grace the pages of a romance novel, and readers will likely find themselves rooting for the couple to stay apart rather than come together. (Oct.)