cover image Once More with Feeling

Once More with Feeling

Emilie Richards / Author Avon Books $5.99 (0p) ISBN 978-0-380-

Gypsy Dugan is ""every man's fantasy and every woman's nightmare."" Elisabeth Whitfield, 20 years older, is a patrician blonde matron with perfect taste and a ""flair for canapes."" But her husband, a brilliant architect, hasn't slept with her for a month. As life puts inches on Elisabeth's hips, she becomes fascinated by Gypsy, a sexy TV anchorwoman who has the career that Elisabeth once wanted. When the two women have a head-on auto collision, Gypsy dies and Elisabeth wakes up in Gypsy's fabulous body. (Hello, firm breasts; goodbye, stretch marks.) Richards (Dragonslayer) guides Elisabeth through this seductive women's daydream with skill, humor and an iron morality. Along with Gypsy's powerful job and her gorgeous lover, there's someone out there trying to kill her. Be careful what you wish for. (Aug.)