cover image Sunset Bridge

Sunset Bridge

Emilie Richards. Mira, $14.95 trade paper (512p) ISBN 978-0-7783-1238-3

Richards follows Fortunate Harbor and Happiness Key with another sun-kissed tale of friendship, mystery, and the beautiful Florida Keys. Tracy Deloche lost her wealth but gained some ramshackle cabins and delightful tenants. When she discovers that she's pregnant, she hesitates to tell her activist lawyer boyfriend, Marsh Egan, not sure whether he really loves her or is ready to commit. While Tracy frets, her friend Janya Kapur adopts two children whose parents were murdered, giving Tracy a chance to spend time around kids and figure out what she wants. Then Marsh figures out her secret and a hurricane hits the Florida coast, bringing the characters' dilemmas and the murder mystery to a page-turning climax. This delightful story is full of humor and romantic moments, and will be a sure hit with Richards's established fans and readers looking for a lighthearted and well-plotted beach book. (July)