cover image Sam+moon Queen CL

Sam+moon Queen CL

James Cross Giblin, Alison Cragin Herzig. Clarion Books, $13.95 (168pp) ISBN 978-0-395-53342-0

Sam's tiny, crowded apartment is boiling hot. While he is retrieving an old air conditioner from the basement of his building, the boy stumbles upon December, a homeless girl hiding in a corner with her injured dog. As Sam and December gradually become friends, she reluctantly permits him to enter her world of survival on the city streets. In Sam's attempts to help December find alternatives, he allows a faint ray of hope to permeate the girl's drab, perilous existence. With its strong, credible characters, this timely novel depicts the plight of the homeless with sensitivity and honesty. It deals with an explosive issue in a straightforward manner that enlightens readers without overwhelming them. December's search for food, shelter and safety reminds readers that no one is immune to the possibility of homelessness. Ages 9-13. (Sept.)