cover image Olive and the Magic Hat

Olive and the Magic Hat

Eileen Christelow, James Cross Giblin. Clarion Books, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-89919-513-1

Spunky, resourceful Olive and her little brother Otis Opossum have a problem: the top hat they're wrapping for their father's birthday present topples out the window and lands on Mr. Fox's head. Mr. Fox's good fortune is Olive's misfortune if she can't get it back before the party, and outwitting the hat's new owner will be no easy task. ""Mr. Fox is a fox. He might eat you,'' warns Otis. But that doesn't stop Olive, whose many attempts to retrieve the hat convince Mr. Fox it must be magic. This gives Olive just the cue she needs to outsmart him. This delightful family story of trickery is enhanced by the author's playful illustrations in gentle pastel shades. Ages 5-8. (September)