cover image Twist of the Knife

Twist of the Knife

Stephen Solomita / Author Putnam Publishing Group $17.95 (288p

Solomita's promising debut novel pulsates with the vitality of New York's street life. Det. Sgt. Stanley Moodrow is one of those cops who go by the book. And, if those methods fail, the 20-year veteran is not afraid to implement his own procedures. When a drug pusher and his minions are killed with a Russian hand grenade in Moodrow's precinct, he is asked to determine whether terrorists are involved. A trail of clues point to the American Red Army and one of its death squad, Johnny Katanos. What is originally just another case to Moodrow eventually evolves into a personal vendetta and a one-man hunt for the terrorists. Though the story drags at times and the conclusion offers no surprises, the author is a keen observer of humanity and the authenticity of his characters makes the mystery an above-average first effort. (October)