cover image Trick Me Twice

Trick Me Twice

Stephen Solomita / Author Bantam Books $7.4 (336p) ISBN 978-0-

A dying old man moonlighting as a serial killer in rural Pennsylvania provides the grist for this grisly thriller. When smart, likable Patricia Detrick volunteers at the local Senior Aid Mission and is assigned to care for Ezekiel McTeague, a 73-year-old retired truck driver with a sordid family past, her pity for McTeague gets the best of her. That is, until she makes the connection between her patient and recent ""hunting mishaps."" Solomita (A Good Day to Die) creates horrific flashback killings and takes readers deep inside the minds of both main characters. Solomita's best setting is probably New York City, but he has plenty of other attractions--the comic relief of a superficial gal pal, a detective as love interest--that add just the right juiciness. (Aug.)