cover image For All Eternity

For All Eternity

Linda Lael Miller. Berkley, $7.5 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-425-14456-5

Lisette, evil queen of the vampires, is up to no good again in Miller's sequel to Forever and the Night. In a rather slow beginning, the author recaps the plot and characters of her first vampire romance. All the main characters have returned: Valerian, Tobias, Mrs. Fullywub and Maeve. Like her twin brother, Aidan, Maeve is a good vampire, feeding only on the scum of society or mortally wounded war victims. Unlike Aidan, Maeve enjoys her vampire status, which makes her the prime candidate to succeed Lisette. Maeve balks at the idea of becoming the next vampire queen-as she tells Valerian, ""I'm not interested in a political career."" Regardless, she cannot stand by while Lisette-still smarting from Aidan's rejection-fills the world with revenants inciting both angels and warlocks to wage war against the vampires. In the meantime, Maeve meets and falls in love with Calder Holbrook, a 19th-century physician whose desolate past and love for Maeve propels him to covet the world of the undead. Readers who enjoyed Miller's first vampire novel, with its heady, sensual narrative, will get more of the same-too much more of the same-in the sequel. (Nov.)