cover image Knights


Linda Lael Miller. Pocket Books, $22 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-671-52850-8

Bestselling romance author Miller again crosses over to hardcover with the second (after Pirates) in her a of time-travel romances. Five-year-old Megan Saunders is on a school outing when she passes through a magic gate and--presto!--she's in 13th-century England. Now called Gloriana, she is adopted by a loving rich family and married (at age seven) to Dane St. Gregory, fifth baron of Kenbrook. Ten years pass before the two actually meet, and it is anything but a pleasant encounter, since Dane has brought home a woman he wishes to wed and has plans to annul their marriage and stick Gloriana in a convent. She refuses to be imprisoned and makes plans to become independent. Soon, however, Dane grows attracted to his beautiful, spunky wife and finds himself torn between two women. When Dane and Gloriana finally fall in love, their newfound happiness is shattered when--presto! again--she is transported to the very unromantic present. As her readers will expect, Miller whips her fiery characters into yet another clock-bendingly happy ending . (May)