cover image MY LADY WAYWARD


Linda Lael Miller, Lael St James, . . Sonnet, $6.99 (368pp) ISBN 978-0-671-53788-3

This fast-moving, delightful quest narrative, the second installment in Miller's medieval-era trilogy (following My Lady Beloved), chronicles the romance between Meg Redclift, an impetuous young boarder at St. Swithin's Abbey, and Gresham Sedgewick, her troubled knight. Despite her lack of a proper chaperone, Meg is determined to search for her twin sister, Gabriella, who vanished after she left to meet and marry her betrothed. When Meg and her younger sister, Elizabeth, come across a wounded, handsome young knight lying in the abbey's squash patch, Meg hastens to tend to the gash on his head, hoping that he'll agree to act as her chaperone when he wakes. To her disappointment, Gresham remembers little more than his name, but he eventually agrees to accompany her on her mission. Along the way, the two evade the plague, fight off a band of hungry wolves, clash with one of Gresham's old enemies and fall in love, although Gresham may have a wife whom he can't remember. Meg is an admirable heroine, but it's Gresham who blossoms here as he learns many troubling details about the man he was and strives to begin his life anew. Miller's consistent excellence and genre-jumping habits have earned her a large, loyal readership; her fans will embrace this dynamic entry. (Dec.)