cover image Over the Moon

Over the Moon

MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight, Virginia Kantra. Berkley Trade Pub, $7.99 (329pp) ISBN 978-0-425-21343-8

Knight's sexy and exciting ""Moon Dance""-first in this uneven new paranormal romance anthology-features Direkind werewolves from her Mageverse (vampires, witches and werewolves created by Merlin to protect humanity). An aristocratic werewolf runs away from her arranged marriage to a brutish Alpha and into the arms of a lower-caste ""made"" werewolf; she'll gain her freedom only if he impregnates her. Next is Kantra's ethereal ""Between the Mountain and the Moon,"" an Eros and Psyche story of a young woman lost while camping and rescued by a mysterious man with ulterior motives-and a bone to pick with a vengeful Queen. In ""Driftwood,"" Davidson cleverly merges her Wyndham Werewolf and Undead series when a lone wolf stumbles upon a vampire in a deep ditch at the beach. Erotic romance newcomer Sunny's ""Mona Lisa Three,"" a clumsy sequel about a Mixed-Blood Queen and her guards/lovers, proves difficult to follow without its complicated setup (in this year's Mona Lisa Awakening), and the sizzling menage a trois action could turn off romance readers.