cover image East of Forever

East of Forever

Christina Skye, Roberta Stahlberg. Dell Publishing Company, $5.99 (455pp) ISBN 978-0-440-20865-5

Chessy Cameron spends her evenings as a second-story woman, hunting for a valuable erotic Chinese ``pillow book'' demanded as ransom by her father's kidnappers. She hasn't seen Tony Morland, ``the love of her life,'' in 10 years, but when he learns she is in London, he arrives on her doorstep, restocking her threadbare household and securing the Duchess of Cranford to sponsor her in Regency society. But neither love nor groceries can dissuade Chessy from following the instructions in a note that lead her to search Tony's bedroom for the pillow book--and it's a good thing, too: it allows Chessy to practice her nursing skills and to snuggle up with the bed-ridden hero after the kidnappers follow her and attack and wound Tony. Perhaps this soothes her conscience for being so useless during the attack, despite her supposed martial arts training. The Regency elements form little more than a veneer, and the tale's logical structure does not bear close scrutiny, but Skye ( The Ruby ) keeps the plot humming along for her likable hero and heroine. (Aug.)