cover image A Heart Divided

A Heart Divided

Megan Chance. Dell Publishing Company, $5.5 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-440-22081-7

""Conor Roarke, one of the top Pinkerton agents, was living among cows. Ugly, stupid cows. God, he hated farming."" The charming Conor is wintering with Sarilyn Travers and her Dutch uncle, Charles, on the Colorado prairie while he waits for her brother Michael, an executioner for the Molly Maguires who murdered his adoptive father. Three years before, Conor had infiltrated the Mollys and helped send 19 men to the gallows, including Sari's husband, Evans. He also had an affair with Sari and then left town; that was his job. Can Conor charm Sari again, and can Sari ever get him out of her blood? No surprises here, but Chance (The Portrait) has done a lot of research on life in a prairie soddy (sod house), and her romance has a cold and windy authenticity. (July)