cover image The Reckless One

The Reckless One

Connie Brockway. Dell Publishing Company, $7.5 (384pp) ISBN 978-0-440-22627-7

The second entry in Brockway's Scottish Trilogy (after McClairen's Isle: The Passionate One) begins in 1760 France as Raine Merrick, abandoned by his evil father, the Earl of Carr, escapes an unjust imprisonment by participating in a plot involving beautiful and innocent Favor McClairen. Although Raine and Favor share a twisted past tormented by the enmity of their families, neither recognizes the other when fate rejoins their lives. Years before, Favor had unknowingly betrayed her people--a misstep that has haunted her since; in an attempt to regain her honor, she turns up at Lord Carr's castle, reluctantly trying to win his hand in marriage in order to recover her family's ancestral home. Soon Raine arrives incognito, seeking a cache of hidden jewels that should enable him to start life anew. Favor is mesmerized by Raine's charm, and he finds himself reassessing what he wants out of life. Although the climax shifts into melodrama, and a nonstop series of twists and turns may occasionally confuse, readers will enjoy the excitement and passion. (Jan.)