cover image Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance

Simon R. Green, Ace, $7.99 mass market (272p) ISBN 9780441019168

If future novels in Green's new Ghost Finders series are as engaging as this one, they will hold up admirably against his previous work. Intellectual JC Chance, techno-geek Melody Chambers, and telepath Happy Jack Palmer are called upon to investigate a haunting in one of London's underground tube stations. Even though this has all the earmarks of a big league event, their boss explains that since none of the Carnacki Institute's A-Teams are available, London's future has to lie in the hands of this hapless trio. Even worse, the Institute's arch rival, the Crowley Project, aims to obliterate them one field agent at a time. Skirmishes and plot twists rule as Green serves up enough blood and viscera to slake the thirst of any thriller aficionado. Readers will appreciate the camaraderie and snappy dialogue of what is sure to become Britain's favorite ghost hunters. (Sept.)