cover image The Forest Kingdom Saga: Once in a Blue Moon, Part 1

The Forest Kingdom Saga: Once in a Blue Moon, Part 1

Simon R. Green, read by a full cast. GraphicAudio, unabridged, 8 CDs, 8 hrs., $19.99 ISBN 978-1-62851-0812

The latest addition to GraphicAudio’s rendering of Green’s Forest Kingdom fantasy series covers the first half of the fifth book. Captains Hawk and Fisher are busy running a school for heroes when an omen predicts the Demon Prince will return. The two protagonists are forced to reveal their true identities as the almost ageless couple who helped banish the Demon Prince one hundred years ago. Now they must gather their offspring to prepare for the oncoming fight while also doing their best to prevent war between two rival kingdoms. This audio production takes full advantage of the fantastical realm through sound effects (the roar of a dragon, the slashing of swords) and a musical score that sets the tone of each scene. The full cast provides a rich array of likable and dislikable characters. As both director and main narrator, Terence Aselford does a superb job steering the production through the multiple layers of Green’s plot. A Roc paperback. (Oct.)