cover image Business Rules of Thumb

Business Rules of Thumb

Seth Godin. Warner Books, $5.95 (165pp) ISBN 978-0-446-37026-4

This book is a by-product of a business school research product undertaken by entrepreneurs Godin and Conley while attending Stanford's Graduate School of Business. The authors interviewed hundreds of ""executive decision-makers''including retailers, ad people, authors, politicians and professors and uncovered what they call ``personal rules of thumb'' used by the subjects ``in navigating through business life.'' Examples: Ronald Reagan advises, that one must ``always negotiate from a position of strength'' while artist Victor Antonetti believes one should ``never negotiate on a full stomach.'' Film producer Tom Kohler says, ``If you see a person cross his arms in a meeting, proceed cautiously and focus on his doubts.'' Marketing director Robert Tillman warns, ``Never sleep with someone who reports to you.'' Motorola president Jonn calculates, ``A manufacturing or R & D plant should never allow its employment level to exceed one thousand people.'' Many of These maxims convey worthwhile wisdom, and the business novice will consider this collection a productive asset. (July)