cover image Bobby Flay's Bold American Food

Bobby Flay's Bold American Food

Bobby Flay. Grand Central Publishing, $37.95 (224pp) ISBN 978-0-446-51724-9

Flay, an award-winning chef, restaurateur and cofounder of New York City's excellent, three-year-old Mesa Grill, here dips into the Mesa's Southwestern kitchen to withdraw what's best and innovative. The book's look reflects the sleek panache of the eatery: your eyes glide by big blocks of color and through a playful spaciousness. And Flay's signature boldness is fulfilled, too, in matters culinary. Herbs and spices dominate: pepper, as in red pepper-encrusted tuna steak or jalapeno preserves; cilantro (e.g., shrimp and cilantro pesto quesadilla); garlic; cumin; and basil, to name a few. Flay surveys equipment, techniques and ingredients, makes menu suggestions and in general celebrates the grill and sauces. His powerful flavors and robust imagination infuse the regional corner he has chosen. Collaborator Schwartz is a New York-based editor and food writer. Author tour. (June)