cover image Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill: With More Than 125 Bold New Recipes

Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill: With More Than 125 Bold New Recipes

Bobby Flay. Hyperion Books, $32.5 (288pp) ISBN 978-0-7868-6490-4

Flay's third book is a must read for those who have wondered how this successful restaurateur and cable TV's maestro of marinade can so assuredly choose gas over charcoal when it comes to his biggest passion, grilling. He prefaces his recipes with an anecdote, an ugly day of barbecuing from his early years, the emotional bruise of which makes his choice for gas understandable. Thus, Flay fires up the propane and presents more than 125 patio-friendly concoctions that show off the chef's fearlessness, originality and eye for color. The good idea behind the book is to invigorate the simple tastes of youth with flavors that appeal to the adult palette. Corn on the cob gets rubbed with Red Chile-Green Onion Butter, and pork chops take a soak in a mixture of orange juice, ginger and toasted paprika. Whether it's fowl, fish, pork or potato that's being seared, Flay's brilliance with toppings and side salads make the dish. Witness his Rib-Eye with Chimichurri Marinade and Dried Chile Mustard Sauce or the Tuna Steak paired with a Fig and Nectarine Relish. Still, as delightfully wild as the menu gets, the ingredient list rarely strays from what's available in your local grocery or farmers' market. And the very nature of the cooking style, outdoors with a Cactus Pear Margarita in hand, guarantees a simplicity that will appeal to cooks of both lava rock and briquette persuasions. (May)