In his latest cookbook, Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes, the chef shares both classic and newfound recipes for three of America's most addictive foods.

Your previous cookbooks have been pretty broad in scope. Was it a more enjoyable experience focusing in on just burgers, fries and shakes?

I don't know that I would feel comfortable saying that I enjoyed writing any book over another—that would be like picking a favorite of my restaurants! That said, this one was a lot of fun.... I definitely spent a good part of the year focused on burgers, fries and shakes. It was a fun challenge to try to keep within the set boundaries of those elements and yet still be creative, original and, above all, tasty.

You seem to express no preference in this book regarding gas vs. charcoal grilling. Do you think there's a difference when it comes to burgers?

This book isn't about grilling, so even though I reference gas/charcoal grills, I actually prefer to prepare my burgers on a cast iron griddle. Cooking your burgers on cast iron helps give you that great crust on the outside of the burger, sealing in great moisture while allowing the burger to cook in its own juices.

Every shake you offer sounds delicious. Is there such a thing as a bad milkshake?

Yes, there is absolutely such a thing as a bad milkshake. The keys to a great milkshake are quality and quantity—and a good blender! A milkshake needs to be made with premium ice cream that has a high butterfat content, a small amount of milk and the best quality flavorings you can find (e.g., chocolate, fruit, extracts). Since there are so few ingredients needed to make a milkshake, each one has to be great.

Which burger would you pair with the Peanut Butter—Banana—Marshmallow Milkshake?

I would keep the burger simple because there is so much going on in that shake, so I am going with the Crunch Burger. It's all about balance. A rich, sweet and creamy milkshake and a simple, delicious burger with a hit of salty, crunchy chips in each bite.

Besides salt, what do you think is the absolute best condiment or seasoning to put on fries?

I have recipes for several different spice mixtures that can be used to season French fries so any of those are great, but I really love Bistro Fries, which are tossed with lots of chopped garlic and flat leaf parsley.