cover image Radiant Angel

Radiant Angel

Nelson DeMille. Grand Central, $28 (320p) ISBN 978-0-446-58085-4

Bestseller DeMille's exciting seventh John Corey adventure (after 2012's The Panther) finds the former NYPD detective working as a contract agent for the Federal government. Currently a part of the Diplomatic Surveillance Group, Corey is keeping an eye on the comings and goings of Col. Vasily Petrov, ostensibly a diplomat but actually a member of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Corey and rookie agent Tess Faraday follow Petrov and two other men when they drive out of the Russian mission on Manhattan's East Side. Corey prides himself on never losing someone he's watching, but Petrov gives them the slip in a carefully orchestrated escape by boat, and after Corey and Faraday learn more about the identity of his two companions, the action quickly heats up. Petrov plans an attack as devious as it is devastating, and although Corey calls in help from numerous sources, stopping Petrov will fall to him and Faraday. As Corey demonstrates, sometimes a loose cannon is the only means to win a battle. Ten-city author tour. Agent: Jennifer Joel, International Creative Management Partners. (May)